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Gauge 1 Modellers in Yorkshire and Derbyshire

Although Yorkshire and Derbyshire are not really northern England, most of us are proud of the 'northern' tag and we so titled our website to reflect that fact.
Our interest is Gauge 1 modelling to either 10mm to the foot (1/30.5), or 1/32nd scale or 3/8ths of an inch to the foot. You will often see models of both scales on a layout and only those in the know or with a very experienced eye can tell the difference.

Our skills range from opening the box of a ready built model, building commercial kits, to building truly astounding scratch built models, correct to the number of rivets for a specific prototype locomotive. Some of the group build steam locos, fuelled by spirit, gas or coal, much to the admiration of the rest!. 

Motive power in Gauge 1 is predominantly steam driven but you will also see steam outline models that are electrically powered and modern image (diesel and electric locos) which are battery or track powered.
 A ready to run Gauge 1 Model Railway Company Standard Class Britannia